Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ang T-Bird at Ako (The Lesbian and Me)

I heard Abs-Cbn (Star Cinema) is going to do a remake of Danny Zialcita's film "Ang T-Bird at Ako" that stars now Governor Ms. Vilma Santos and Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor. Only, they are still undecided on who is going to play the role of who? among their top choices are Claudine Baretto (to play the role of ate Vi) and Judy Ann Santos (to play role of ate Guy) or vice versa, and Anne Curtis (ate Vi) and Angel Locsin (ate Guy) or vice versa.....

If ever this project pushes through that would be very interesting.... not only for the actresses but for the movie and Star Cinema as well.... I'm sure all eyes will be theirs especially those of the critics, for one cannot help but to compare their acting prowess to two of the greatest actresses of Philippine Cinema... and what attack will Star Cinema do.... will they live up to their expectations? after all, they've all earned an acting award for themselves and Star Cinema is best known for quality films. we'll see!

here's the clip of the confrontation between Ate Guy and Ate Vi in the movie "Ang T-bird at Ako (the Lesbian and Me)

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